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kopigin is a proprietary content creation system that automatically
generates intelligent, enticing product descriptions so you don't have to.

With kopigin you can quickly populate your online catalogs without having to reallocate in-house resources or hire external content writers. A simple user interface allows you to generate product descriptions from a deep, professionally written library. kopigin is an innovative content engine developed by geekspeak, an online retail industry leader that creates compelling product content for online retailers and manufacturers.
Rich and Detailed
Product Descriptions
Deep Inventory
of Product Descriptions
Product Descriptions
Tailored to Your Catalog
Easily Export to Your Store
Retailers know that customers respond to great merchandizing that includes rich and detailed product descriptions. Creating that content can be difficult and often requires an experienced content team. This can put a costly and time-consuming strain on your business. kopigin allows you to maintain a website with hundreds or even thousands of items. With a few details about your product, kopigin can quickly create hundreds of unique product descriptions. The kopigin content engine draws from a deep database of product descriptions, phrases and keywords written and refined by professional writers, which means you can be assured that the content is ready for your online store. Leverage this experience to create descriptions that draw in your customers and help them buy. kopigin generates unique content for a wide range of products in the Apparel and House & Home categories. Product descriptions are tailored to your catalog based on your selected attributes for each item. Choose the product features you want to highlight and select the kopigin-generated descriptions that works for your online store. kopigin is built on a flexible framework that allows you to export your data from the system in a number of formats that include CSV, HTML, XML, and MS Excel. No worries about integration.

kopigin is an automated content generator that responds to your selections to produce customized descriptions for your online store. It's capable of handling thousands of SKUs for businesses with multiple product categories. kopigin's feature-rich user dashboard makes it easy to use and manage all your product content in one place.
SKU and product information control by department, category, item, or custom field
An extensive list of pre-set categories and descriptive parameters
Powerful text management functions for each type of product
Multiple catalog capability to manage all your lines of business
Secure log-in and client dashboard for managing your account
A user-friendly interface with prominent support links
An intuitive generator control panel
Web-based software – no downloading – ensures instant accessibility from any location
Customizable text to suit your site

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